Journal of Human and Clinical Genetics is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal. The journal aims to serve as both an educational resource and review forum, providing in-depth knowledge to researchers, professors, students, physicians, and associated professionals, especially those who share a common interest in understanding human beings. This highly acclaimed journal features original articles focusing on the latest knowledge and advances in the field of human genetics including medical genetics and human genome analysis.
The scope of the journal includes genetic basis of human disease such as monogenic and polygenic disorders, anthropogenesis, biochemical genetics, biometry, clinical genetics, cytogenetics, immunogenetics, pharmacogenetics, cancer genetics, neurogenetics, dysmorphology, genetic epidemiology, prevention and treatment of genetic disorders, pre-natal and post-natal diagnosis. It also covers the molecular basis of human genetic disease, chromosome and genome structure and function, gene expression, gene regulation, therapy of genetic disease, stem cells in human genetic disease and therapy, genome-wide association studies, clinical application of functional genomics, computational genomics, epigenetics, classical genetics, behavioral genetics and developmental genetics. 
The aim of the journal is to deepen our knowledge in the area of human genetics and to provide a platform to share information and ideas in all aspects of human genetic research.